John Harrison in grey Star Fleet uniform


I wanna be hot enough to make people question their sexual orientation

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Natalie as Cressida in the new ‘Mockingjay: Part 1’ trailer [x]

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Question:  "Oi," Shouts someone at a front table, "give us a lap dance, Johnny boy!" So Johnny slinks offstage and slides sinuously into the woman's lap. He wriggles a bit, probably rolling his hips (Sherlock's view is obscured by the enraptured crowd, and his vision is clouded with emerald jealousy). The next moment, he gets up, hips swaying in time with the music still backing him, and prowls to the back of the club. His eyes meet Sherlock's again, and he winks. The next moment, there is a (cont)


compactly muscled man in his lap, sure enough, rocking his hips and letting his (straight, white, sharp) teeth sink into his (full) lower lip. Sherlock can’t help his soft whine, and Johnny’s lascivious grin is evidence that he has been caught out. This close, Sherlock can see that Johnny’s blonde hair is streaked nobly with silver, so he gives in to the temptation to run his fingers through it. Johnny chuckles and leans down to brush his lips over Sherlock’s desperately fluttering pulse before


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I love Tony and I think what we really wanted to do with him was explore him in the same way we do with all of the characters. I’ve never met somebody like Helena, you know. I’ve never met a Rachel, you know who looked like that. I think, we just wanted to treat him the same way we treat all the characters and go as creative as we could with him. And I know that aesthetically he is a bit, nonconforming. But, to me, that was the exciting thing about him.

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My third Sherlock Sketchdump.
I originally wanted to upload the third until I’ve got more sketches but these are now a few months old and I am not going to do new ones any time soon.
So, here you go.

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i wonder what’s gonna be john’s first post after the events of hlv